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1905 Postcard South Norwalk Congregational Church

It all began in 1836, when a group of people in South Norwalk, finding it difficult lt to make the Sunday morning journey to worship in the center of town, organized the South Norwalk Congregational Church.




One Hundred and twenty years later the people in West Norwalk, feeling the same need for a convenient place to worship, also began a church, the United Church of Christ, West Norwalk.


During the early seventies, the South Norwalk Congregational Church decided (due to dwindling membership and a changing area) to sell their building and seek to share facilities with another congregation. United Church in West Norwalk had land and a relatively new building and was open to the idea. In July 1973 the two churches began the process to become United Congregational Church, Norwalk. The merger vote took place on June 30, 1974.


Today, United Congregational Church is a caring congregation that nurtures existing members and welcomes new faces in our midst. 


Our Church Building 


Our church building sits on the upper portion of our property, facing Richards Avenue. The unique building was designed by Modernist Architect Victor Christ-Janer and built in the mid-sixties. The use of open space, angles, peaks, light, and windows create an fascinating space for worship and fellowship. Upon seeing the building for the first time, one person was moved to write these thoughts "It looks like a tent. Or a series of tents joined together. ... Many Spires: The gothic impulse is here. The church points upwards, away from itself. ... No Separation of Sacred and Secular. There is no sharp separation between sacred and secular areas, between nave and narthex, sanctuary of worship and area for conversation and refreshment." Our building serves our church family and is also home to the West Norwalk Nursery School.


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