About Our Church

United Congregational Church is . . . 

. . .     a caring family. We care about one another. We care about our neighbors. We care about the world.


. . .   a praying family. We pray for one another. We pray for human concerns like healing, hope, and help. We lift up our personal and community joys.


. . .  an accepting family. We accept one another from different cultural backgrounds. We are pleased to have a variety of people who have grown up in various Christian denominations. We celebrate our diversity, because it brings us new ideas and life.


. . .    a fun-loving family. We like being with one another. We welcome visitors sharing in our family celebrations and gatherings. We are an informal, laid back family of God.


. . .   a happy family. We are blessed with children. We are blessed with the maturity and insight of elders. We are blessed with inquisitive, searching hearts and minds.


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