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A Prayer for Pentecost that embraces the losses we have endured with Covid-19, and a prayer for and with the family of George Floyd, to mourn his death, and pray for healing in our country during these days of unrest. Reprinted with permission from The Rev. Gena Davis, Episcopal Priest.



Holy God, Spirit Fire,

Breathe your Spirit upon and within us

Fill our breath with your power.

Open our ears to listen to the cries of the hurting

Open our hearts to respond with compassion and care

Empower us to create a new world

Through us:

“Let justice roll down like waters,

and righteousness like an everflowing stream.”


May we flow with you, Spirit, to create a new world

A world where every life matters

A world where we look into each other’s eyes and smile to know someone. 

A world where every person can flourish and live into their highest potential.

May we be empowered through Spirit to create a new humanity

where love, kindness, gentleness, patience, compassion and self-control flow from the hearts of all people,

where hatred, racism, oppression, violence, greed are no more.

Only lovingkindness, dignity and respect for all.


Spirit Fire, empower our speech, our voices, our actions.

Lead us to bring the needed change in our hearts, our communities,

and in the systems of society that no longer serve us.

Spirit Fire, burn in our hearts and lead us to create a just and safe world for all.


In Christ’s name,


Reprinted with permission, given June 1, 2020, from The Rev. Gena Davis, Episcopal Priest, Yoga Educator and creator of the Yoga Mass. (



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